Our Story

When I was a young sleep-deprived lawyer, working incredibly long hours and sleeping far too few, I began to realise the value of a great night's sleep. The benefits of proper sleep, in quantity and quality are now well documented and although we are all aware of it, actually getting it is not the same! So, I became obsessed with the perfect night's sleep. Having fallen in love with England and its tradition of craftsmanship, I embarked on a mission to use the best local craftsmen and set out to create products to delight and endure - with a total devotion to the "experience" instead of just focusing on what attracts the eye. So when it comes to bedding, it meant we had to create products with real attraction to really make you want to climb into at night, inviting, comfortable and relaxing. The perfect bed, for the perfect night, was our goal. To this day, Josephine Home is continually picked as the brand of choice by the most demanding clients, from VIPs and rock stars to some of the most exclusive hotels in the world. Draper London, Josephine Home’s little brother, can now bring this experience to everyone at a price that won't keep you awake at night!
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