Our Story

We launched Josephine Home in 2006 to address two issues: the need for a great night's sleep & the lack of choice in the bed linen & home ware market. The arrival of two baby boys within 15 months of each other,  just as we launched, rammed the first point home!

We wanted the excitement of the greatest bed linen you sometimes find in the finest hotels combined with enough detailing and personality. We needed to develop linen with an extraordinary feel, the ability to age beautifully and a subtle and elegant touch of colour. We wanted to stay away from heavy designs and patterns in order to allow all our products (from bed linen to throws) to work together as a collection which can be mixed up and layered but also to work within every home, without limitations. 

For us, it was all about "slow design": pieces well made and built to stand the test of time.

We started our journey as a niche luxury brand dedicated to making the finest linen & accessories in the world with a small network of the best mills in Europe & Great Britain dedicated to luxury brands. The company was named after my French grandmother who had the most inviting house I had ever known, and where everything was "just right". Her obsession with simple, understated luxury was a perfect inspiration. 

Design-wise, it made perfect sense to combine a couture-like attention to detail to the sartorial subtlety of British tailors. Our signature style of combining the finest fabrics with the modest, but colorful, grosgrain came together very naturally as an echo to the colorful lining of smart made to measure suits. You can think of our products as a bespoke suit for your bed...with the comfort of your favorite pair of jeans. A perfect combination.

Our bespoke work quickly gathered the attention of designers, VIPs and a number of hotel groups including the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group globally, an association which continues and of which we are very proud. We share common values - attention to detail, the finest experience and superlative service.

After 10 years of bespoke work, we felt ready to offer a more affordable day-to-day collection and DRAPER LONDON was launched: this is more relaxed take on luxury homeware but still keeps the immersive experience for which Josephine Home has become known. Sleep is one of the most important parts of our lives and a great night's sleep has regenerative powers which continue to amaze scientists. On a daily basis, a great night's sleep will transform your quality of life - so we thought it was well worth the effort of developing a range which would ensure the best conditions for that elusive perfect night - every night.

Please look at our reviews and share your experiences with us at wecare@draperlondon.com or  Instagram (@DraperLdn).

Stephanie Gabrielle Betts - Founder & Creative Director.


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