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The Power of Sleep ...

The Power of Sleep ...

This week, The Daily Telegraph is running a series called "Sleep Week".

It focuses us all on the importance of both the quality and quantity of sleep. Indeed, in today’s Telegraph, there is a suggestion that a lack of sleep can be seriously harmful to the health of the brain.

Sleep is one of the most fundamental of functions. It is as important as food. Tests suggest that a person will die from sleep deprivation before he or she would starve to death.

The "sleep elite" (including Donald Trump and - most famously - Margaret Thatcher) apparently can or were able to get by on 3-4 hours’ sleep a night. Indeed, Donald Trump, on his campaign trail, asked how someone who sleeps 12-14 hours a day could compete with someone on three.  It seems the argument is now dramatically reversed.

Sleep, according to the experts, is the starting block of all other cognitive functions. No wonder sleep deprivation is one of the most effective forms of torture!

A lack of sleep can also lead to health problems including heart disease, cancer, diabetes and depression. If ever there’s a need to justify eight good hours of kip, that’s the one for me!   We live in a macho society where role models apparently work all hours of the day and don’t want to or don’t need to sleep. 

Well, we beg to differ and agree with the Daily Telegraph.  Not only should sleep be the starting point of all other functions, but we at Josephine Home also believe it should be one of the most enjoyable parts of the day. A bed is, in effect, your ultimate personal space, your haven for a few hours to switch off, recharge and renew before starting afresh for a new day...

We are advocates of the full night’s sleep. For some of you, this may be 6 hours. For others, this may be 10. Radio 2 Chris Evans tells us regularly that he can’t watch a TV programme because it’s on after 10 and, given he’s waking lots of us up at 6.30, he needs his sleep and to be on top form. No macho 4 hours for him.

Ultimately life, we believe, is about experiences. To enjoy them to the fullest and to be the best of ourselves, a great night's sleep is a must and probably the true building block of many happy lives. We have built n entire business on this premise, not on fancy design, but to give our clients the ultimate in bed linen for a great night’s sleep.  Simple, but, we hope, effective.  


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