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Is Your House Hyggelig yet (translate: ready for Christmas)?

Is Your House Hyggelig yet (translate: ready for Christmas)?

Christmas is in fast forward mode yet again (how come it seems to come around faster and faster every year? Soon we will start prepping for it, like the press, in June !). So now is just the time to assess whether you are truly ready for the onslaught of guests ...

Our advice is that if the house is "Christmas-ready" (alert: new word or just replace with the Danish "hyggelig"), all will flow more easily, as all your guests will feel expected and even welcome (unless they are your in-laws and you want them out faster, of course).

3 quick wins:

  1. Declutter the busy rooms where everyone will gather: kitchen, drawing room... so that your Christmas decorating does not get lost in a jumble of other "things" and so  that you create space for the inevitable overflow which happens when entertaining. Less chaos means less stress when tidying on an epic scale after drinks/ Xmas lunch/ presents opening, etc... Less stress means a happier Christmas 🎄.
  2. Give your guests a nice place where they can retreat to and leave you in peace while you cook/tidy/get your bearings back/ steal a minute for a guilty latte ... we mean: prepare their bedroom with some thought: nice crisp white linen & towels, a few carefully chosen "smellies" like a nice bath oil or bath salts, a fun shampoo etc. They will feel properly welcome and like in a mini spa ... complete the look with a nice blanket and a couple of cushions on the bed, a small bunch of fresh flowers (whatever is left in your garden like a couple of roses together with a few sprigs of mint, thyme etc) will be lovely too.    
  3. Go all the way with the guests bedrooms and deck it out with "intent" for best results (we mean this in the nicest way of course) so the final details will make all the difference once you have covered the basics of a lovely fresh bed and an inviting bathroom if they have one - a bit like closing a deal: it's all in the final touch. So don't forget a small carafe with mint/lemon water and a few good books or magazines matching your guests interests (lifestyle, gossip, interiors, cars, cooking, cross-stitching if need be  ...)  and  above all, trust us on this.                                                                                                                                                        You will have to drag them out of the bedroom ... a good result. It just take a little bit of advance planning but will definitely smooth proceedings.

( Our easy bundles will complete half the mission) Do not let us know how it worked for you.... and as ever so share your best shots & videos on Instagram...




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