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Set up your perfect Bedscape TM.

Set up your perfect Bedscape TM.

Like in high level sport (think Olympians), when it comes to sleep... it's all about the marginal gains.

Every time you make small adjustments, you will make big strides in your journey towards better, more rewarding sleep.

Once the obvious has been sorted: surrounding clutter (which will remind you of things undone and put a constant subtle but very real mental pressure on you ...just when you should be relaxing and basking in your achievements of the day...), lighting (soft, by your bed), turn your attention to the all important "bedscape" TM .

Ask yourself a few questions and then just make the necessary changes to devise your own perfect bed which will feel like a made-to-measure nest ....

Do you read in bed? add a reading pillow (65x65 cm with firm padding like feathers);   Do you feel the cold? increase the tog of your duvet (13.5 is a good all rounder).      

Do you have a mattress topper? get one... a mattress topper of these things you don't know you need, until you try one.

Do you like a soft doughy pillow or two... or something firmer? Perhaps time to change your pillow (s) to perfect your bedscape (TM)                                                   

Bedlinen: fresh crisp white linen has this pull - need we say more? Is the weight and the feel of your linen just how you want it? if not, time to fix it to get the sleep you deserve.

We will keep sending information on the perfect bed, but these small adjustments should definitely get you started. if not settled. Trust us, they should already made a huge difference to your sleep experience.

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